To achieve this aim, we have the following objectives

The boys and girls enrolled at Catholic Mission School and St. Xavier’s School, Arrah, are expected to develop the following qualities and skills during the years of their formation:

  • To create an environment that not only encourages in the students, freedom of thought but also inculcates moral values; self-discipline, punctuality, fair play and honesty.
  • Give each child equal opportunities, inside and outside the classrooms, in physical activities and sports fields, where they can acquire both individual excellence and team spirit, needed for their holistic growth.
  • Eloquence in the art of expression so that they can effectively communicate the ideas acquired;
  • Enhance self-esteem and also to value each person’s own worth by creating a secular and multicultural ambiance.
  • To expose them to various customs and cultures where they can learn to be tolerant and respect each other.
  • To develop the natural curiosity and to use them to foster positive attitudes in learning.
  • By practicing tailored teaching strategies along with constructive and age appropriate technologies to facilitate intelligent quotients of the students.
  • By promulgating humanitarian values and awareness about the environment we aim to make them conscious of their responsibility towards people and Nature.

We aim to instil in them all these qualities by giving personal attention and proper counselling and guidance and take periodic reviews of their growth from time to time.